Welcome To The Naso Group, LLC

The Naso Group is forged from Michael Naso’s 30 plus years in the Entertainment and News business. Michael learned much of his craft as a television agent and business affairs attorney at The William Morris Agency. Television news became his primary responsibility, but Michael also was asked to negotiate many other deals for other agents in Literary, Television Programming, Commercials and Personal Appearances as a Business Affairs attorney.

After a short term with his own law firm, Xylas & Naso, Michael returned to television news after being widely sought after by ex-William Morris clients. During this time, Michael also was chief counsel and business developer for the original Crunch Fitness.

The Naso Group, LLC was founded in 1996.

The Naso Group’s business model is to provide clients with all the information, contacts and time needed to accomplish their goals.  Not just for the next job, but a for a strong career path and career fulfillment.  That requires of us the ability to manage a client’s needs and career with long term planning and quality time. We succeed at this by representing only 50 clients at a given time. Our competitors often represent hundreds of journalists at a time. The Naso Group gives quality time, information and planning, creative reel suggestions. And we return calls to any client within 48-hours.  We devote our time and expertise to impact the client’s reel and shape their career. We are about the next job but only in how it relates to our clients’ ultimate career goal. Your career, your life...synonomous.


1901 East Mystic Pointe Dr, Aventura, FL 33180
Please reach Michael at:
Telephone: 305.682.0564
Cell phone: 914 262 3980

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